Franklin V. Gwinnett County Public Schools Essay

Franklin V. Gwinnett County Public Schools Essay

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Franklin v. Gwinnett County Public Schools, 911 F.2d 617 (1990).
This case involves a sophomore at a high school named Christine Franklin, who alleged that she was sexually harassed and abused by a teacher and sports coach by the name of Andrew Hill. These allegations were occurring from 1986-1988, a total of two years. These allegations included Hill having explicit conversations with Franklin, forcing her to kiss him, and forceful intercourse on school grounds. Franklin claimed that she let teachers and administrators know about the harassment and that other students were going through the same harassment. The result of telling the teachers and administrators was that nothing was done about the situation and even encouraged Franklin not to bring charges against Hill. The school ended up conducting an investigation but it was halted in 1988 when Hill resigned. With that being the result of it all Franklin decided to sue for monetary damages under Title IX, which states that “no person … shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance”.
Essential facts in the case include:
1. Christine Franklin was a student at North Gwinnett High School in Gwinnett County, Georgia from September 1985 through August 1989.
2. Franklin was subjected to sexual harassment and abuse by a teacher and sports coach by the name of Andrew Hill.
3. The sexual harassment and abuse from Hill included inappropriate touching, explicit conversation, forced kissing, and forceful intercourse on school grounds.
4. Franklin went to both administrators and teachers about the reoccurring issue between her and Hil...

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...ors and teachers but nothing was done to take her out of the situation. Instead she was convinced to not file any charges against Hill. The attempt to investigate was a failure on the school’s part, because it was halted after Hill resigned from his position at the school. When looking into Title IX it makes sense why the federal court dismissed the case, but the damages that were caused to Franklin should of came to account. This included emotional, mental, and physical damage that was done. I feel as if Hill should have served time for what he did to Franklin due to the fact that the school system was backing him. The school district paying for these damages makes sense because of what was not done to stop the reoccurrence of the sexual harassment and abuse. It makes no sense why the staff thought it was okay to not take action on this situation and defending Hill.

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