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Title IX Title IX was passed by the U.S. Congress on June 23, 1972, and signed by President Richard M. Nixon on July 1, 1972. It is a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination in education programs and activities receiving federal funds. It was the first comprehensive federal law to prohibit sex discrimination against students and employees in these institutions. (U.S. Department of Education, 1997) Title IX did much more than what the average mind thinks of when they hear the words: Title IX. I personally was interested in what people thought of when they heard this and did two simple interviews, one of my grandpa’s, a 73 year old man, and also interviewed my friend, Samm, who is a 19 year old female who just recently graduated high school. I asked each of them two simple questions: What is Title IX to you? And Has Title IX had an impact on your life? My grandpa responded with “Title IX is just a way women thought they could get some power in this country, when really we live in a country made for a man, always has been, always will be.” My friend Samm on the other hand said “Title IX has given this country a chance to get closer to the equality in living we have yearned for over a long period of time. If it wasn’t for Title IX I would not have the friends I do today because I got to know all of them through sports, something that Title IX has given me the opportunity to participate in.” Now realistically I did not get a straight-forward answer of the two questions I asked them, but I was able to see two totally different viewpoints on one single subject. I know I can not come to any overall conclusions just from interviewing two people, but I believe these two I interviewed did basically answer how people of their generation and gender would. Just as with any other problem we face today, the varying viewpoints make it very hard to come to a compromise that makes the majority of people happy. After I interviewed both my grandfather and Samm, I was not going to leave them without giving them information on the topic, and both of them thanked me for the information, because they both said they had been misinformed on what exactly Title IX is. That brings me to a point. Do you know what Title IX is? To be honest before I started this research for this paper, I was always told it is how women got the right to play sports. Now given sports... ... middle of paper ... ...phy Hildebrand et al. (2000). Knowing and serving diverse families (2nd Ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall. http://www.arbiteronline.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2002/05/13/3cdf2c0e3e023, “Title IX hurts funding for men’s sports, January 16,2005. http://www.savetitleix.com/overview.html, “Save Title IX,” February 3, 2005. http://www.sbjackson.com/portfolio/titleixdraft.doc), “The future of Title IX,” January 16, .2005 http://www2.edc.org/WomensEquity/resource/title9/before.htm, “Title IX before & after,”February 12, 2005. http://www.nationalreview.com/coment/comment-gavora061102.asp, “Title IX Quota Creep,” February 22, 2005. http://www.cnn.com/US/9907/12/title.is/index.html, “World Cup win also a victory for Title IX,” January 27, 2005. http://bailiwick.lib.uiowa.edu/ge/aboutRE.html, “About Title IX,” February 22, 2005. http://www.ed.gov/pubs/TitleIX/index.html, “Title IX: 25 Years of Progress,” February 17, 2005. Unknown Author (June 2002) Title IX Facts Everyone Should Know Retrieved February 1, 2005 from the World Wide Web: http://www.womernssportsfoundation.org/cgibin/iowa/issues/geena/article.html?record=862

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