The Framers Of The Constitution Essay

The Framers Of The Constitution Essay

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In wake of the new government America had to form, the framers of the constitution believed that important measures needed be taken to avoid tyranny, since that is what the long malicious Revolutionary War was fought for. To prevent the possibility of another cruel and oppressive government, the framers wrote the constitution ¬ to protect the people for tyranny in all and every level. The framers when writing the Bill of Rights amendments particularly focused on how the government will police the people. After facing centuries of control from Britain and heavy surveillance by the tyranny of King George, a change had to be made to avoid the repetition of history. The amenders critically looked at prime activities that violated the people, but occurred in the rule of Britain. The lessons of history drove the forefathers to hinder extreme surveillance by police, government agencies, and commercial enterprises by placing heavy restrictions in the Fourth and Fifth Amendment.
The Fourth and Fifth Amendment combine to form a unanimous statement that personal and private property are to be held with the upmost protection and sanctity. The framers of the constitution took lessons from why the Revolutionary war was fought and the unreasonable acts committed by the British. To the Americans of that generation, the protection of private papers was the equivalent of the protection of modern day emails and messages. Being under the rule of King George was a time where the Americans had their rights usurped by the government. That is what catalyzed the need for the Fourth Amendment. The framers explicitly wrote “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall...

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...vities such as identity theft and online child predation.
All in all, it is clear that the forefathers had a goal in mind. They wanted to ensure that a tyrant oppressive government will never rise again. Years upon years of torture drove the framers to write several amendments to guarantee that all processes and procedures of incrimination were fair and just. The evidence does show that the writes more so wanted to protect the rights of free people than punishing criminals. The framers were part of a group of people who rebelled an oppressive government. In that context, it is easy to understand why the amendments seem to stray from punishing criminals with extreme force. The forefathers as leaders of the American colony understood what it was like to be policed by a brutal force and did not want the future of the new nation to feel that force. The amendments did a

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