Protecting Life, Liberty, and Property in the Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights Essay “ The government is morally obligated to serve people and protect their rights such as life, liberty, and property. “ The Constitution had no effect against the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was created to make a stronger central government to protect the rights of its people. The social contract protects the natural rights, while the Constitution protects every other rights, like adding an extra layer of protection. The writers intention of the Bill of Rights was to ensure the safety of citizens rights without them being violated. Most amendments apply in daily life, but it might not show. The First amendment, freedom of speech, amendment two, the right to bear arms, and amendment four, protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. These three amendments are a major factor in daily lives for citizens. Amendment one, freedom of speech is a very important factor for all citizens to have. Amendment one protects citizens to freely speak their mind without disturbing the educational process. The government may not put any consequences to any citizens from accessing information and freely speak. The government must protect citizens from unreasonable consequences, such as making signs, posting honestly, and letters that do no threat. The court case that involved amendment one is Tinker vs. Des Moines in 1964. Mary Beth Tinker and her brother wore black armbands to memorialize the Vietnam War. The principle, Des Moines suspened both of them because they refused to take them off. The court case was sent to the Supreme court because Des Moine interfered with Tinker’s right of freedom of speech. The ruling was seven to two in Tinkers favor. The Supreme court stated that students... ... middle of paper ... ...use they all apply in daily lives. No argument shall take place against amendment one, amendment two, and amendment four because they apply in daily lives of all citizens. All citizens should freely speak their mind without disturbing public education. Citizens should remember about the National Firearms act before buying any firearms and getting a militia type gun or a shotgun with an eighteen inch barrel. Officers are required to have a search warrant before entering a citizens home, but school officials need a reasonable reason before searching a student’s belongings. School officials and students also should remember the exclusionary rule. The Bill of Rights and all other amendments served every citizen like a forever helping friend. The Supreme court plays its role to make decisions for cases that act as role models for other citizens and in the future.

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