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Four Political Theories Essay

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There are four political theories that have taken shape throughout time.
Each theory addresses the question of who holds power and the influences in the public. The theories include; The Pluralists Theory of Democracy,Hyper-pluralism, Elite Pluralism, and the Traditional theory. Although each theory is completely different, they all exhibit the common idea;people, either as individuals or groups, can make a difference in government. The Pluralism theory has an affect on many aspects of America; Military spending, Education, and Healthcare for the elderly. The pluralist Theory denotes that people with common interests form organized groups to promote their causes and influence the political agenda. This theory maintains that no single group, industry, or government agency dominates politics.
The pluralist theory has the biggest affect on education. Pluralism plays a huge part in education. The pluralistic view is shared widely among the united states school system. It is taught from Pre-kindergarten through college.
Pre-kindergarten exhibits the pluralistic theory. As early as the age of four and five, we teach them how to look at America. In 1989 Barbara Thomson instructed a class of four and five years old to “look beyond physical appearances”. Thompson placed in front of the kids two boxes. One box was new and shiny with a ribbon, while the other box was old and dirty with a torn wrapper. The kids went for the new box, when asked why, they stated, “that because the box was old and nasty they believed that something yucky was inside.” When the children opened the new box, they found garbage, upon opening the old box they recovered a group snack. The discussion which followed this activity promoted the idea that childre...

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...o mind for that descriptor. Sheets were collected and responses written on the blackboard. Questions which followed included: "Which group received the most positive associations?" "The most negative?" "Why?" It seems few questions needed to be asked to precipitate discussion. Students subsequently expressed their hurt, fears and anger about prejudice from this activity and in their lives. Both students and faculty participating in this group rated the overall experience as highly positive. (Lasenza & Trout, 1990).
The pluralist theory is exhibited every where throughout our education system, you can find it anywhere from Pre-K to college campuses. Pluralism plays a major part in the education system from teaching four and five year olds to look beyond appearance or holding small groups it get connected with different races, it plays apart, and it matters.

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