The Four Elements Of Ignatian Spirituality Essay

The Four Elements Of Ignatian Spirituality Essay

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Chapter One: A Way Of Proceeding
• Consider the four elements of Ignatian spirituality (pp. 5-11): finding God in all things, becoming a contemplative in action, looking at the world in an incarnational way, and seeking freedom and detachment. Does any approach come more naturally to you than others? Do you shy away from any---and if so, what might be the root of that resistance?

They say that if you ask any five Jesuits from around the world the same question, you would get the same response from all of them (Jesuit Guide, pg. 5). This used to be the case in the training back in the early days; today you would probably get several different answers. Either way, if you were to ask any of them to define Ignatian spirituality, we would probably learn about finding God in all things. . I think this means to think that the Ignatian spirituality isn’t just meant for only inside the walls of a church or religious setting. No matter what obstacle, event, or question you come across, you will find God there. Not only will God be there in a religious way but also in your personal spiritual life. It’s about discovering how God can be apart of and be found in every aspect of your life. Following finding God in all things, the second answer you may get from a Jesuit is to be a contemplative in action. Ignatius wanted his Jesuits to live a contemplative, yet active life. I think this means to not disconnect ourselves from our social or work lives, but with that we should have awareness for the very world we live in. In the midst of our busy existence, allow a contemplative stance to inform our actions (Jesuit Guide, pg.8). In more simple terms: stop, reflect your actions in your life and in opposed to the world, return to your life and then s...

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...ality came pretty naturally to me and had some sort of connection to my life. Whether it was also being contemplative in action or looking at the world in an Incarnational way, they all had meaning to me, but the other two impacted me more. From being a child to an adult, I looked to find God in everything I did and all thoughts I came across. Whether it was bad circumstances or for a call of help in terms of my education, I always knew God would be there and would be everywhere. Lastly, having hardworking and loving parents, it gave me an example and realization to how important it is to give yourself freedom and detachment from the things you think are the most important. For me, I am going to devote less time to trying to make money and put more time into friends and family which will ultimately lead to the same result, in turn, with more happiness and freedom.

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