Religion, Spirituality, and Complementary Alternative Medicine

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Religion, Spirituality, and CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine), can be related in many ways. Those who stand by their beliefs believe that God will heal all. Religion and spirituality is a major essential part of one’s’ health. They have included things such as prayer in healing, counseling, and the use of meditation. Spiritual issues make a difference in an individual’s experience of illness and health. With spirituality, the health care providers can learn to support the values for the art of healing. The health care provider must have respect for their patient’s religion. (Larry Dossey. Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine. Harper Collins, San Francisco. 1993.) They will need to have an understanding of their spiritual and religion aspects, practiced by the patients and their family members. With having the understanding of the patient’s beliefs, the patient may consider the treatment from the health care provider. It is very crucial and imperative the health care providers listen to all aspects of the patients’ lives, which will affec...

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