Essay about The Foundation of the Cold War

Essay about The Foundation of the Cold War

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The origins of the Cold War stem from a variety of directions, but primarily from tensions that rose between the Soviet Union and the United States. Although the USSR and the United States were considered allies during World War II, it was the only commonality the two countries had. These differences, specifically as it pertained to the political structure their countries had taken, became the foundation of the Cold War.
Several months prior to the conclusion of World War II, when it seemed assured that the German forces were close to surrendering, several world leaders came together at what is known as the Yalta Conference to discuss the pertinent restructuring issues that would be forthcoming. The three leaders in attendence, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill of England, and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, each agreeing to meet with the hopes of coming to an agreement on how things should be handled postwar. Despite several agreements being made at the Yalta Conference, Stalin quickly made changes to several major points, specifically by establishing a communist government in Poland, despite promising a democratic structure. As much as Stalins broken promises caused a rift between the nations, the Soviet Union was just as much distrustful of the United States after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima an Nagasaki several months after the meeting in Yalta. Furthering the development of the Cold War was Stalin’s installation of what would be known as the Eastern Bloc. The Eastern Bloc was a handful of countries that were associated with the USSR as a Soviet Socialist Republic with the intent to have a communist grip on the country; politics, media, and the economy was wholly controlled by the state.

... middle of paper ... Dulles was responsible for developing a number of groups specifically put together for this very purpose and united a number of countries under the all-embracing concept of containment and anti-communism. Specifically, Dulles is recognized for his assistance in developing the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization which provided a treaty consisting of a number of nations working together to defend the Pacific region from the threat of communism. His involvement as Secretary of State had a number of positive outcomes, all with the primary focus of keeping communism within the Soviet borders. Sadly, John Foster Dulles contracted colon cancer which resulted in his death in 1959. The involvement he had in U.S. politics, especially during such turbulent Cold War times has led to his memorialization by the Washington D.C. international airport being named after him.

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