Foreign Banks and Globalization Essay

Foreign Banks and Globalization Essay

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1. Introduction
In recent years, foreign banks accelerate their processes of globalisation, especially the entry in emerging market (J Cardenas, JP Graf & P O’Dogherty 2005), so does the Australian banks.
The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) is the 3rd largest bank in Australia and the top 13 bank in the world based on the market capitalization in 2013 (the ANZ Annual report 2013; Banksdaily March 2013). The Global Finance Magazine (May 2013) awards the Australian Best Bank to ANZ Group in 2013. Till 2013, the ANZ already operates among thirty countries and has a quickly and successful expansion in Asian market (ANZ Annual Report 2013). In 21st century, Asia and Latin America are perceived as representatives of the emerging market. Among them, China and Brazil are two most vital and attractive countries in emerging market. However, currently the ANZ only focus on their Asia market and has not expanded to Brazil.
In this report, I would analyses the Business environment in Brazil from five aspects in order to give the more detailed information and better knowledge to Michael Smith, the CEO of ANZ Group and help he understand this potential market well.
This paper contains four parts. After the introduction, there is the brief view of Brazil and followed by the five key country-level and industry-specific environmental factors analysis. At last, a brief recommendation would be given.

2. Overview of Brazil
Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and the fifth largest country in the world by both geographic area and population (The World Bank 2012). In last decades, the Brazil is growing its presence and importance in the world affairs and market via the steadily increasing in national economy and s...

... middle of paper ...

...nal tax: Brazil Highlights 2013”

Ford Benjamin (2012), “Country Profile: Brazil”, Export Finance &Insurance Corporation Australian Government, May 2012

Doing Business (2013), “Enforcing Contract in Brazil”

Jelmayer Rogerio(2014), “Brazil's Central Bank President Says Monetary Policy Is Working: Tombini Cites Slowing Inflation, Says Government Needs to Do More to Spur Economic Growth”, The Wall Street Journal, 24 Jan

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