PESTLE Analysis of aSports Club

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It is important to recognise the main features that affect a business in view of the macro and micro-environmental factors.
Technological change, change in economic climate, natural occurrences and such-like are matters that concern the macro-environment of a business. These external, uncontrollable, influences can and will impact hugely on the success or failure of a business. One of the tools that are applicable in considering these factors is PESTLE. Political; Environmental; Social; Technological; Legal and Economic considerations will need to be engaged in order to prepare the business for macro-environmental influences. For this reason, PESTLE will be the most appropriate tool to use to identify and outline the main macro-environmental factors that may affect my business.

Political factors that may impact on the business, as a sports club, would mainly include transportation.
Transport is a political factor as it is controlled and affected by legislation. This will impact on the staff and opponents (travelling to the stadium) as the accessibility of transport will impact on travelling times – both positively (may avoid traffic on a train e.g.) and negatively (trains, buses etc. may be cancelled or delayed). The price of transportation will also affect the mode of transport that these groups of people may use. Similarly, price and accessibility of transport will affect the consumers also. The view that consumers hold on transport, therefore, is likely to impact on the business i.e. effort to travel, money to travel etc. as this will influence how often they will visit, what they will spend during their visit etc. According to (Mintel 2011,) the amount of people using train as a mode of transport is on the rise, mea...

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