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the only person other than Ford to successfully break in to the automotive industry. (Henry Ford Biography, 2015) The second car produced by Ford was the Model N, a $600 dollar four-cylinder automobile which became the bestselling car in the country. (Henry Ford Biography-Childhood, Life, Achievements & Timeline, 2015) Much of the Ford’s success was due to the assistants that Ford had. James S. Couzens, C.H.Willis, and John and Horace Dodge, the Dodge brothers who would eventually start Dodge motors learned a lot from Ford at this time. (Henry Ford Biography, 2015) In 1907 profits were over $1,100,000 dollars and the company had a worth of $1,038,822. This was substantial amount of money at this time. After the success of the first two models Ford had a vision for a better, cheaper, motorcar called the Model T which got its name due to the fact the o-s where not approved or liked by Ford. So, in 1908, the Model T was introduced to the public. (Exhibits, 2014) The Model T was easy to operate and drive, the car was also cheap and very inexpensive to repair. The “T” was only sold for $825 dollars and year after year the car would drop in price to make it easier to afford so that every American could own an automobile. (Henry Ford Biography-Childhood, Life, Achievements & Timeline, 2015) In the early stages of the automotive company Ford had the vehicles on an assembly stage were the car would remain in one spot as the employees would bring their parts to install on the vehicle. Each car was put together by a team of workers that together would be able to complete one car every 12 hours. The problem was that doing it that way took way to long in the eyes of Ford and was much more expensive then Ford wanted it to be. Ford was not able ...

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...nnett. Bennett influenced every part of the operation and that lead to a problem between Ford and his son. Ford also began to refuse to cooperate with NRA-National Recovery Administration a government program in the 1903’s that oversaw codes of fair competition. Ford also disliked labor unions and would not recognize the United Automobile Workers (UAW). Ford also fought the attempts of the UWA to try and organize his workers. (Henry Ford Biography, 2015) His son Edsel died of cancer in 1943 and with Henry Ford declining in age Ford turned over control of Ford Motors to his grandson Henry II in 1945. In 1947 Henry Ford died at his home at the age of 83. (Exhibits, 2014)
Management Style
Henry Ford’s greatest contribution to the industrial age was the assembly line. Ford’s greatest achievement was not that he was the first to make it, it was that he was the best at it.

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