Essay on Food And Nutrition Education Program

Essay on Food And Nutrition Education Program

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Expanded food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) (Chatham County Extension) located in Savannah, Ga was my choice of practicum site because of my interest in healthy eating habit and my passion to reach lower income populations. EFNEP teaches healthy habits that fit citizen’s budget. Families learn about healthier food choices, about stretching their food budget, and about reducing the risk of foodborne illness. The program is offered to low-income Georgians, free of charge. It is a federally funded program. The mission is to improve health behavior of low income Americans. Their target is to reach low income parents and other adult caregivers who are responsible for obtaining and preparing food for children, low income pregnant women or teen.
a. To learn how to blog to promote healthy habit.
b. To learn how to design and implement training activity for diverse and low income population
c. To learn how to influence behavior change through observation of teaching in eight session class that promotes healthy behavior.
Results of the objectives
To learn how to use social media (blog) to promote healthy /habit
While I was interning with EFNEP, I contributed in writing blogs, the blog focused on child care providers and parents; the blog is a way of educating them about healthy behavior in the overall. The blog has been in existence since ______________, and has over ___________ viewers from __________ countries. Out of the blog that was written was, importance of breakfast, healthy tips during summer, importance of water, back to school tips for children, parents and child care providers, healthy dessert for Independence Day and some that will be posted.
To learn how to design and implement training a...

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... I participated in the Safe kids of Savannah annual event, it focused on preventing accidental childhood injuries.
Furthermore, I participated in the 5th annual Family Day & health Symposium, and Coastal Health District’s 5th Annual Take Charge, Get Tested Health Fair; both were health fair where educative information was given to clients and we educate them about healthy eating habit. South district FACS (Family and Consumer sciences) updates “Putting a Plan of Work to Action”,
My experience at EFNEP gave me the knowledge about different strategies in improving behavioral change in people. Moreover, I was able to experience some aspects of public health which I have learnt in class; program planning, leadership abilities and ethics, encouraging clients the way to develop self-efficacy and finally contributed to the community while interning at the EFNEP.

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