The Food And Drug Administration

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The Food and Drug Administration was established in 1906 because of the public outrage at the shockingly unhygienic conditions in the Chicago stockyards that were described in Upton Sinclair’s book “The Jungle"(FDA). The demand the FDA place upon company can be burdensome but are for a good purpose and allows the U.S. to have checks and balances on illegal practices that could lead to health issues, epidemic or outbreaks. Every food organization has a responsibility that is regulated by the FDA. The first step a business should take is to visit the FDA district office and state and local regulatory agency to get needed information about regulation of the industry. This first step is a must to keep current with the continually changes regulation and guidelines (FDA). Next the important of having records in order because they company will be required to required to establish, maintain, and make available to local health department upon request certain records to allow the agency to identify the immediate previous sources and the immediate subsequent recipients of the food products that are handled by the facility.(FDA) Record are essential because the FDA has routine inspection and can cause problem if things are not done properly. While it is very important to establish a good relationship with the governing party that regulates the restaurant industry, Roc is compromising her organization by contributing to the food safety training facility. The spirit or reason behind the contribution is to Manipulate a law or something toward her company favor. The Federal trade commission is always on the lookout for any unfair or unlawful practice. It has created a collection of laws called antitrust laws, which regulates the conduct, an... ... middle of paper ... ...ficial with status to further your interest Or get ahead. It seems that in the start of the scenario that they were sincere in there claim of wanting a better image. No one will know for sure if they made the contribution but the offer was on the table, which would make one think it is an acceptable action in this organization. From the things discussed about Mrs. Roc has some issues to deal with. Many things regulate the responsibility of a company to be fair in it approached to business ethic. Every corporation has continued struggles because of the perplexity of the laws that govern the land. The temptation to overlook laws, manipulate them and make them work in you favor is great. While the laws are sometime a burden they make thing fair across the board. Many businesses have monopolies and formed cartel which seek to keep other businesses off the market.

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