Five Half Truths About Classroom Management Essay

Five Half Truths About Classroom Management Essay

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A critical review of Englehart, J. (2012). Five half-truths about classroom management. Clearing House, 85 (2), 70-73. This article is about the assumptions many teachers make about classroom management. Classroom management is a very personal matte to a lot of teachers and often “opportunities for better classroom management are missed by many teachers because relevant details are missing from their foundational belief system, and they assume that they are operating under a comprehensive understanding of the situation” (2012. p.70). This article focuses on five “half-truths”, or important exceptions and considerations that some teachers overlook and discusses them individually. For each of the “half-truths” the basic premise is identified, followed by the remaining reality, which is often over looked by teachers, but just as important. The five “half-truths discussed in the article are: you have to be a good manager before you can be a good teacher, different things work for different people, managing student behaviour just boils down to clearly communicating and consistently enforcing boundaries, it’s all about relationships and finally not much can be done with changing the behavior of kids who aren’t taught to act right at home.
The article is well researched and by reviewing Engleharts’ bibliographic references, he has a multitude of respectable authors to back up his research. Dr. Joshua Englehart is an assistant superintendent in the Warren School Division. At the time of writing the article he had 14 years experience in the field of Education. He also worked for the LC Educational Service Center as a member of the State Education Support Team. In this capacity he worked with the staff in the district on continuous imp...

... middle of paper ... someone they don’t like, is seen daily. This article opened my eyes and helped me realize that there are a lot of assumptions made in the education field and teachers need to take their leadership position seriously. “When teachers come up against problems with students and have great difficulty in getting them resolved, they must give serious consideration to what options have not been pursued” (2012.p.72). This quote from Englehart’s article strikes true for me, as I see a lot of teachers who don’t bother to take the extra effort to figure out another way when their way isn’t working. Some teachers even seem to be hurt or offended if you question or ask about their classroom management. I hope that when I become a teacher in my own classroom, that I am open to any suggestions with my classroom management so it is for the best interest of myself and my students.

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