Essay on The First Time I Met Benjamin Davis

Essay on The First Time I Met Benjamin Davis

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The first time I met Benjamin Davis was awesome! It was a summer break and I had been yearning for a boyfriend of my dreams, if I was to have one. Well he was the one, I mean love at first sight type of connection. He was a face I knew from around familiar people, but never a face I thought would grab me and take hold of me the way he did this one extravagant night. A night to forever replay in my head for many thoughts to remember.
It was July 1998 at The Performing Arts Center located in the historical site of Selma, Alabama. A reception I will forever place dear to my heart. While just arriving from a great wedding shared through many family and friends, I was standing in what I call a fantastic spot. There was a stairwell in the back of me as I stood watching for the entrance way ceremony. Afterwards, come two guys dressed exactly alike. Wearing plaid shirts and solid red shorts with red and white new Jordan 's on. Both were faces I had seen before, but this seems to be a different look. I called over Andre a neighbor, schoolmate, and mutual friend. I asked if would call them over and he did. They come and my attraction at the door was the friend, but now it 's the other I began taking interest in.
After taking a fun summer and making it great one was now going to be the best summer break ever. That night at the reception we exchange phone numbers and converse every day and night. We had so much to talk about although he was a 1998 Selma High Saint graduate and myself a new freshman at the school. I loved every minute of the ideas that came to my mind about this wonderful guy I had begun to know. Only one problem, I lied about my age and I would soon come to regret I did. Now if I want, everyday I get to ...

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...head of him and a future to prepare for the only person destined to be his forever, Briana Alexandria Davis. It was August 26,2003 a day before our daughter was to start her first day of pre-k that would change our lives forever. All the plans to marry and he join the military the was shattered to pieces as I received sympathy talk of him being killed that evening.
The only man I dreamed would be forever, even past his first time being shot just three months prior to Briana 's first birthday. It came to an abrupt end this time with the only one 's to recover this time being with us. A world I had known for many years to be the prime of my life had just come to an end. The life I live has forever been changed to what I would say as a challenge. A tenacious woman I am has been desired to inspire myself, I can get through anything with the power invested in me.

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