Essay on The First Step Of The Scientific Method

Essay on The First Step Of The Scientific Method

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1. The first step of the scientific method is to identify a problem, or asking a question that the researcher wishes to find an answer for. The next step is to perform a literature review, and the reason being is because the researcher wants to familiarize themselves with the source material regarding the problem or question they may want to solve. By doing this, they make sure to not reproduce others’ findings while also providing the researcher with their own basis for newfound research. The third step in this scientific method is forming your hypothesis, or theoretical statement that explains the relationship between two events. When a researcher gets to this step, it is imperative that they make sure to assign operational definitions for their variables, or phenomena. If a researcher fails to do so, their research will become broader versus specified in regards to the definition of each variable. After forming the hypothesis, a researcher will want to choose an appropriate research design when testing this hypothesis. The fifth step in the scientific method is to gather data for your experiment. When the researcher has gathered sufficient data, they proceed to the next step, which is an analysis of the data. They break down their findings, evaluate the consistency of their hypothesis, and look for any inaccuracies shown by the outcome of the experiment. Finally, the last step of this scientific method is to distribute your results via a multitude of ways, from presentations, publications, to the other colleagues which completes the research process.

2. When Thomas Kuhn argues about truth being dependent on paradigms, he’s referring to general theoretical models that express how things work in both the social and natural wor...

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...based on your interviews has a dependence on your appearance.

7. The Nuremberg Code and Research Ethics play a significant role in the way research is being conducted. The Nuremberg Code and Research Ethics are not necessarily a set of strict rules that are to be enforced, but rather guiding principles that are designed to aid you as a researcher in your decisions with regard to going about your research methodology with participants. These guidelines are essentially to protect those you wish to obtain information on, and make sure things such as breach of confidentiality doesn’t happen. I feel that whenever you conduct experiments or research involving humans, you have a duty to inform them of your intentions and that ultimately should be one of the major responsibility that a researcher should uphold when performing human experiments, interviews, surveys, etc.

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