The First National Government Of The United States Essay

The First National Government Of The United States Essay

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Analytical Essay 1
“Perhaps the greatest service rendered by the Articles of Confederation was the impetus its shortcomings, gave to those who favored a strong central government." The first national government of the United States is the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation were approved in the Continental Congress in 1777, and adopted and written by John Dickinson. However, there was a delay in ratifying the articles by the states. This was due to property out West. States like Virginia and Massachusetts had claimed many lands stretching from the East Coast all the way to the Pacific Ocean as a part of their colonial charters. Therefore, states like Maryland and Pennsylvania, who did not have these land claims did not agree on ratifying this national government until the land is relinquished. This resulted in the Articles not getting officially ratified until 1781. This is eight months before the last major battle of the American Revolution known as York Town.
The idea of Federalism is that power is shared between a federal and state government. Under the Articles of Confederation, there was a federal government, but the federal government was so powerless when compared to the power of the states. Though, they intentionally created this weak government due to the experience with England.
Economic weaknesses is what created difficulty in the 1780s. They had no desire to hand over power to a strong national government, thus the Articles of Confederation could not get the young nations money right. For instance, congress could not impose taxes as they had no taxation power. As a result, this led to war debts going unpaid. Congress could not regulate commerce and interstate trade between the states was not regu...

... middle of paper ... is the third compromise, the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. The Anti-Federalists were worried about their rights, and if given protection in this new family of “Federalism”, they might just sign off on it. And that is where the idea of The Bill of Rights comes from. The Bill of Rights was comparable to a shield for the Anti-Federalist to secure themselves. This displays what the government cannot do and puts limits.
With the Bill of Rights and Federalists Papers (the papers that argued for the new constitution), the constitution finally gets ratified. In 1787 was the ratification, and George Washington is selected unanimously as the first president of the United States. In conclusion, The Constitutional Convention was originally meant for revising the Articles of Confederation, but led to a new blank sheet of paper as three major compromises.

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