The First Football Game Of My Life

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It was the first football game of the season and the first football game of my life. I was about six years old when I attended, what I didn’t know at the time, my very first introduction of my near future. The beautiful cheerleaders standing there on that track looking peppy and ready to cheer on their team. With their hair in high pony tails, uniform that flattered their figure, and all the amazing tricks that they could do with their body just dumbfounded me. Living in this teeny town of about five thousand people I suddenly realized that cheering on the longhorns was what every little girl strived to be, but I was firm set to become one. To be cheering on my fellow classmates on that football field was all I ever dreamed of and I knew that that would make me content with life. So, I will be a future longhorn cheerleader and live up to the expectations that I have set in my mind of what they are all about. Till I got to high school I always thought that cheerleaders were ecstatic lively people who yelled random nonsense just to get the crowd roaring. They were girls who wore their...

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