Chasing Perfection: My Cheerleading Journey

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Cheerleading was one of my favorite activities to do. I have been a cheerleader since Kindergarden. I use to push myself again and again to make sure all of my routines and chants looked as good as they could look. Since I was younger I have always been hard on myself and failing/not making the team wasn't an option. From the minute I got home I practiced until my arms hurt from tightening them to get a perfect motion.

I cheered on a team in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. I cheered with the team until I moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This team was everything to me and so were the girls. We all got along perfectly and everyone loved us. Getting the attention and love from everyone was a big thing to me. Most of the time people would come to watch the cheerleaders instead of the football players at the games. Our team also did competitions with other teams around the state. We all pushed ourselves over and over again to make sure everything looked great.

First place is winning, second place is winning, and third place was complete failure to our team. One day in September we were at a Competition and we were all so nervous yet so excited at the same time. We you run out onto that mat it's the scariest yet most exciting feeling ever. As we all …show more content…

Once I moved to North Carolina I joined the cheer team at Culbreth. Tryouts were never a problem for me because I had the confidence and the ability to push myself. Once I got to High School the girls were meaner and unenthusiastic about cheerleading. Some of the girls bullied me and treated me differently because of my skin color. I've never felt so bad in my life once I quit the team because of their mean comments. I felt like I failed myself and now I'm pushing myself in school and I want to succeed and attend the best college I can. College is very important to me and I want to get the best education I can get to succeed not only in class but in

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  • Narrates how they have been a cheerleader since kindergarden and have always been hard on themselves since they were younger.
  • Narrates how they cheered on a team in new brighton, pennsylvania, until they moved to chapel hill, north carolina, where they all got along perfectly and everyone loved them.
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