Essay The First Conquest Of Latin America

Essay The First Conquest Of Latin America

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The first conquest of Latin America by the Europeans powers started during 1490s, in the Caribbean. Every country in the Latin America was colonized by the European power. Most of the European powers were motivated by the rich natural resources of Latin America. The early conquer in Latin American were the Spaniards, who came to Latin America to extract economy from natural resources of Latin America. The extracted economy from colonies was sent back to the home countries. Likewise, the colonization of Latin America by the Europeans has tremendously affected in economic, political and social sectors. The foreign policy of 1823, Monroe Doctrine played an important role in the history of Americas to keep Europeans out of the Western hemisphere as well as in the contemporary Americas.
The Latin American countries are still underdeveloped due to the European imperialism. The political power has had enormous affect to the Latin American economy. Most of the countries in the Latin America remained colonies for over a long period of time; therefore, they were controlled by the Europeans power. These colonies never thought of development of the Latin American countries, rather all wealth from the colonies was taken out to the home country. This situation is similar to other colonized continents such as Asia and Africa. Almost every colonized country in the world is still in the process of development. These countries were never benefited economically from the colonizers. Therefore, the historic imperialism is still harming countries in the Latin America as well as they are still underdeveloped. According to Marxist theory “The colonies were used as places to invest surplus capital and sell goods from the colonizing countries and as source...

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...ations. However, Latin American and Europeans nations started to have trading relations, the first country to have trade relation was with the United Kingdom, which became the biggest investors in the Latin American businesses.
Conclusion, the Latin America suffered very badly due to the Europeans imperialism and to this day Latin America having affect of the colonialism. If Latin American nations had gotten independence at the time of Canadian and American, then Latin America countries wouldn’t be underdeveloped countries. Similarly, the Monroe doctrine have played important role to keep Latin American countries independent. If the United States wouldn’t declare Monroe doctrine, then the European interference in the Latin America would cause more problems. Therefore, Monroe doctrine has became example to Europeans power and others to not interfere with Americas.

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