Foreign Policy - Roosevelt Corollary

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The Roosevelt Corollary greatly affected American foreign policy. It was in sharp contrast to the Monroe Doctrine, put in place to stop foreign intervention with the American continents. In 1823 President Monroe implemented US policy that stated European powers were not allowed to colonize or interfere with the newly budding United States or the Americas. In 1904 President Roosevelt expanded upon this policy in response to European intervention with Latin America. This policy became known as the Roosevelt Corollary. The document echoed the style of leadership President Roosevelt became synonymous with. This more aggressive form of policy became known as Big Stick Diplomacy. Foreign policy in the United States would forever be changed by President Roosevelt’s reinterpretation of the Monroe Document. The Roosevelt Corollary would later go on to affect decisions the United States made in regards to the Cold War, Cuba, The Middle East and many more. To understand the impact of this, we must look back to the Monroe Doctrine.

The Monroe Doctrine played a vital role in forming United States foreign policy. It was implemented at a time in the United States when Manifest Destiny was aggressively in effect. The US was freshly out from the control Europe had over them. The forming of Latin America in 1822 sparked interest in the US. The Latin America was experiencing similar problems in trying to gain independence from European control. The Holy Alliance, a coalition formed by Russia, Austria and Prussia, were attempting to interfere with this progress. The British took a stance against the Alliance to preserve trade and commercial interest. With Britain on his side, President Monroe took this opportunity to present the Monr...

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