Fingerprint Recognition Software Use for Banking Security Essay

Fingerprint Recognition Software Use for Banking Security Essay

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This research paper looks at the issues today surrounding identity theft and consumer fraud in the banking industry. It looks at how biometrics, or fingerprint recognition specifically, can help strengthen the security that banks provide for the safeguarding of the personal information of their customers. Because of banks being targets both online and offline for identity theft and consumer fraud, this paper discusses how business is done today and how their security may be enhanced with the implementation of fingerprint recognition software. The paper will discuss fingerprint recognition software, how it works, and how it can be beneficial in the banking industry. It will demonstrate how this software can be beneficial to banks and their customers doing online and offline business transactions. The advantages and possible disadvantages of fingerprint recognition software will be discussed and how it is increasing in the world today. The paper will demonstrate how business has changed towards an E-commerce environment and with that, how security risks online have increased. It discusses the importance of banks providing customers with online and mobile access to their accounts in the society we live in today. There are various methods utilized by thieves today for obtaining personal information online and offline. The paper will discuss a few of these methods and what consumers and banks can to do the help minimize their risk. The purpose of this paper is to show fingerprint recognition software as a development that can help reduce the number of identity thefts and consumer frauds that are occurring today.
Keywords: identity theft, consumer fraud, banking, fingerprint recognition, security, customer, personal informati...

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