Essay about Finding Your Own Opinion: Youth in Philadelphia

Essay about Finding Your Own Opinion: Youth in Philadelphia

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“ If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” (Walt Disney) The public in the city of Philadelphia has described the youth as loud, obnoxious, and ghetto. That is not the case. In fact, we are all human and we have flaws. But the problem is that the youth are not given an outlet to express themselves in way where we are looked upon with respect. We aren’t given the correct tools to show the world that we are here and we want to be seen. Everyone has a voice, even us young ones, and we deserved to be heard.
There is a difference between ‘following the crowd’ and having your own opinion. This is what seems to be the major problem. It takes one adult to say that youth are out of control and everyone automatically believes them. That is not fair because we are not given the chance to plead our defense. “Youth typically spend a substantial amount of time in activities extracurricular to school, including involvement in community based organizations, school and local teams, and school based clubs. All of these, and the interaction with individuals within them, directly influence youth involvement in their communities.” ( this is the first step into showing us, the youth that you care. More afterschool programs and even in school programs will be beneficial to us. This will give us the outlet that we are looking for.
A certain afterschool program that to me seems to be very beneficial would a group called Temple Youth Voices. This program is taken place on Temple University’s campus. This program helps the youth all over the city of Philadelphia by getting us to express ourselves about how we feel about the problems we face every day in Philadelphia. They crea...

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