Endless Outreach Analysis

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Endless Outreach is a non-profit organization that service at-risk youth in both pierce and king county Washington. It provides mentorship to youth, gang intervention, as well as addresses any issue in the home they may be a barrier to the youth success. This organization serves people of all diffe0rent races, ethic, social, and financial backgrounds ensuring all community members families are afforded equal opportunities in life. Endless Outreach will network with local schools that have a high number of at-risk students. Provide services such as academic coaching and alternative to suspension programs. The non-profit will also provide training school staff on how to deal with at-risk youth, uninspired students, and how to lower gang activity in the schools. With a firm belief that it takes a village to raise a child, our organization will incorporate the family of the students and as well as school staff to create a plan for success so that the student understand the amount of support he or she has. Endless Outreach understands that much of a child’s problems begin at home. Therefore we will assist parents with employment training, free credit repair and budgeting, and help them receive family counseling from other local agencies in the community. Desired Future State This organization needs to change its way of thinking and think on a larger scale. The values of the organization are strong dedication to servicing youth and families in need. All staff of Endless Outreach are trained and well qualified in areas in which they serve. Most importantly one hundred percent of the staff is dedicated in carrying out the mission and purpose of Endless and are driven by passion not a paycheck. Much of the staff are vol... ... middle of paper ... ...lity. When I research the definition of stability it stated: the strength to stand or endure. Therefore stability is something all organizations should value. Having a clear vision is worthless unless it is put into practice. Acknowledging the areas I lack is part of the growth that I claim to value. With that being said I will partake in more events that will cause me to speak more. I have a phobia of public speaking. I understand that this can and will prevent me from achieving personal mastery if not remedied. Engaging with people is not my strongest characteristic however I understand that if I want to help as many people as I can, it cannot be done by being afraid to engage in conversation with people whom I do not know. Exercising has always been how I relax and release stress. I have decided that I will incorporate more outdoor exercises in my workout plans.
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