Financial Analysis On The Health Care Industry Essays

Financial Analysis On The Health Care Industry Essays

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In the modern world of the health-care industry, it is vital that an organization’s financial statement analyses be kept up to date and reported accurately within the company. A financial analysis is an evaluative method of determining the past, current and projected performance of a company (, 2016). Collectively, patients seek superior quality of health care services and integrity from professionals who work in the hospitals and serve the communities worldwide. Although the health care industry is rapidly changing as time progresses, providers still have an obligation to satisfy the patients and deliver excellent care to those in need.
As the newly appointed CFO of Universal Health Services, the organization will conduct an internal financial analysis. The financial analysis will be for the company’s financial statements of three consecutive years; this will help reduce uncertainty and transform data so the organization can improve its decisions regarding the net income of the company if needed. However, based on the review of the financial statements, UHS has provided a stable and pleasant environment for patients to seek a great deal of care in the hospital and the community through acute care, ambulatory surgery centers and behavioral health. In regards to various stakeholder groups, financial statements are used to help enhance the knowledge of the company’s goals and to identify the risks and profits of the market share.
Universal Health Services (UHS) is one of the largest publically traded healthcare organizations in the country. Alan B. Miller, chairman and CEO, founded this organization in 1978 and employs over 60,000 staff members. UHS is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. This organizatio...

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...o make sure the organization is spending its money wisely on purchasing services, contracts and supplies can be extremely beneficial (Herman, 2012). For that reason, Universal Health Services would like to recommend quarterly reports and have the staff make contact with the major payors ' contracts during this time as well. Doing so will help the organization build a more productive relationship among the team and boost profits even more to a sustainable financial level.
In conclusion, Universal Health Services has done a great job overall. The organization is growing, and the patients as well as the community have found comfort in the services. In addition, the organization has thirty-five years of success, so no matter what changes in the healthcare industry, UHS will be willing to conquer all obstacles and risks to continue serving the patients and the community.

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