The Final Aspect Of The Movie ' Eros ' Essay

The Final Aspect Of The Movie ' Eros ' Essay

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The final aspect of Philia that sets it so apart from the other loves in its unnatural ways is its exclusivity. In Eros, there is little choice in whom a person falls in love with and in Affection there are the factors of proximity and exposure. Friendship is different from both those types of love because it is the choice of the individual. They are able to choose one another, or as Lewis more explicitly says are chosen by God. There are many circumstances that must align in order for people to enter into friendships that God orchestrates. Lewis wants to make it clear that the pleasures of friendship are not rewards from our choosing. It is in a friendship that the beauties that lie in all men are found because it is from Him that these beauties are derived (90). Friendship is a peek into the true identities of other humans or the “chosen guests” of God’s coming feast (90). Lewis argues the point that friendship is the freest love, however, God is always in control of the details that pull individuals together. The sovereignty of God is the greatest gear in work within Lewis’s view.
Lewis is most qualified to speak on this type of love out of the four covered in his book because of his life experience. His understanding of friendship is based on vulnerability and finding similar values among one another. He knows that friendship is something that brings out the best in all other areas of life. Friendship has a spiritual essence that helps individuals grow and gives them great pleasure as well.
Peter Goodrich is a professor of Law, Elizabeth Telfer is an expert in philosophy, and John O’Brien is a modern Christian scholar. Each one has a unique perspective on the concept of friendship based on their field of study. Each perspec...

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... that we do not need to think of our friends as good people. I think that we are naturally inclined to think of our friends as good people because they bring us pleasure and reveal to us, God. I do not agree with Goodrich’s “one soul with two bodies” idea for a similar reason (Goodrich 26). I believe since each person is unique, they must reveal a unique beauty of God.
In conclusion, Lewis was a great friend to many people in his life and in being so, learned a lot about friendship. He really captures the treasure lying in finding another who uniquely feels or believes the same as them. He understands the power that comes in both good and bad friendships. Lewis understands friendship and its true intention by the Creator well. Other’s informed thoughts and opinions can be helpful tools in deepening and broadening understanding, but there is no rival to experience.

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