Essay about The Fifth Amendment And The Rights It Ensures

Essay about The Fifth Amendment And The Rights It Ensures

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The Sixth Amendment and the Rights it Ensures
"Those who wrote our constitutions knew from history and experience that it was necessary to protect against unfounded criminal charges brought to eliminate enemies and against judges too responsive to the voice of higher authority"(Maravillosa 1). These words said by Justice Byron White are the exact living dispute of the protection of the rights the United States Constitution and its Amendments promise us. The Sixth Amendment protects the rights of the people specifically in the courtroom and the conditions of law. The rights within the Sixth Amendment ensure the American people the rights of an impartial jury, the right to a lawyer, and demonstrate ability of the court system to change.
An impartial jury creates the sense of equality, and representation for all people without impeding on the rights of the defendant. The details of the process of acquiring a jury and the rules of an impartial jury are explained in The Constitution and its Amendments. When a criminal hearing is taking place, a jury must be available. The jurors who will be deciding the outcome of the trial must not already have a set outcome for the defendant, but be unbiased. Each juror’s race, ethnicity, or gender doesn’t matter when deciding whether the defendant is guilty or not. Now if the defendant believes that one of the jurors is biased against him, then he may ask for

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the juror to be removed. The defendant is also able to ask to move the trial from one location to another (Newman 115-116). While the United States justice system is a very effective system, many precautions set in place. The outcome of a common court procedure depends on the decision made by an array of unique jurors. The views o...

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...ul. While the Constitution is in place to protect the rights of Americans with its laws, over the years, new situations arise causing the need to put changes and amendments in place to solve these complications.
Our Constitution protects the rights of the American people. The Constitution, developed by our founding father, has gone through many changes, amendments, and tribulations; however, the basic structure has not changed much throughout the presence of our country. Its Amendments explicitly, add specific changes and additions that issues our country has faced have influenced during its lifetime. The Sixth Amendment is no different in the journey of bettering our country, whether it is the right of counsel, the right to an impartial jury, or the ability for the law to adapt, it has remained an assemblance of structure in our country we call home.

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