Argumentative Essay On The Sixth Amendment

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The sixth amendment is indeed a right that carries tremendous importance with its name. It constitutes for many protections which Mallicoat (2016) summarizes by saying it “provides for the right to a speedy trial by an impartial jury of one’s peers in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred. Provides the right to be informed of the nature of the charges, to confront witnesses against oneself, and present witnesses in one’s defense. Provides the right to an attorney.” Having an impartial jury of one’s peers is extremely important in efforts to eliminate bias and a subjective, limited range of mindsets. If this cannot be obtained in the jurisdiction where the crime was committed, one may request trial to be held elsewhere, such as in the case…show more content…
Racial discrimination is greatly alive in today’s world. Consider a trial in which an African American male is being accused of murdering a middle aged Caucasian woman. A jury composed completely of middle aged Caucasian women is not impartial which increases bias and prejudice, potentially leading to an unfair verdict. Failure to be knowledgeable of the nature of ones’ charges automatically promote unfairness. The accused would ultimately be clueless and left in the dark throughout the criminal justice process, by not knowing the charges filed against him and why. Witnesses testifying against the defense tend to feel pressured into telling the truth when confronted by the defendant in court (Annenberg, n.d.). Therefore, without this right in place, witnesses of the prosecution may be more subjected into lying to make their case, although they are under oath. Also, the accused may not be allowed to fully tell their side to the story or argue their cases to its fullest potential should they not have this right. In addition, most people living in the United States are not fully aware of their rights or knowledgeable of the criminal justice system and, for this reason, cannot effectively represent themselves in court. Should they have no choice but to, they are likely to receive a more severe punishment, one that a defense attorney may argue to not…show more content…
Firstly, the courts could save money by not having to provide public attorneys to those who cannot afford to obtain a private attorney. Secondly, police would not be held accountable if they arrest a subject without stating why and/or question them before Mirandizing them. In my opinion, the Sixth amendment is one that holds a great value of importance to accused individuals. Should it not exist, the number of individuals wrongly or unusually incarcerated in the United States would be significantly higher and the Nation would be taking steps away from having a just criminal justice
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