Essay on The Field Of Clinical Psychology And Therapy

Essay on The Field Of Clinical Psychology And Therapy

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I was drawn to the field of clinical psychology and therapy through my own personal experiences. At a young age, I slowly realized that poor mental health was actually quite rampant, especially so amongst the student population and young adults. Doctors and other health professionals seemed to always repeat this, with increasing urgency. Still, fully capable personalities were erroneously dismissed as “lazy”, “weird” and “incompetent”, and this troubled me greatly. What ignorance deemed a “phase”, eventually disintegrated the health of many friends and peers. Individuals with severe, real illnesses were facing embarrassing repercussions for facets of their ailments they could not control; even touted as “dysfunctional” when their behaviors weren’t up to another person’s liking. I knew then, that after obtaining my undergraduate degree, my career path and energies would have to focus heavily on bringing comprehensive and relevant information on mental health to the public, as well as becoming an understanding and listening ear to the concerns of hurting individuals.
The path to becoming a competent mental health educator and caregiver is rather complex. This paper will fully examine the process through studying the make-up of the industry itself, its field trends, and leading organizations in the occupation. Additionally, it will recall the experiences of a current professional, and overall, serve as a thorough guide for entering the field.
Clinical therapists go to work in many sectors, including in hospitals, clinics, or their own private practices. Their lines of work might also comprise of rehabilitation programs, community centers, business-oriented offices, shelters, and schools, among many others. Overall, they se...

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...optional seminars that detailed different techniques in dealing with patients, and ultimately believed that valuable knowledge in the field could be obtained both inside and out of the classroom, if one is especially determined in seeking it out.
also discussed the importance of working with a myriad of demographics, as patients inevitably come from various backgrounds and therefore will respond differently to certain methods of therapy. She felt this was apparent in her own experiences, when certain methods of counseling and therapy were effective on some patients, but completely lost on others. She reiterated the idea that expanding one’s own education (and consequently, repertoire) of therapy techniques would help to eliminate this problem, and expressed great satisfaction in seeing patients gradually improve once finding an effective form for their counseling.

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