Essay on Fertility Rates And Poorer Nations

Essay on Fertility Rates And Poorer Nations

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Fertility is defined as “The number of children that the average woman bears” (Henslin, 2013, p. 425). For this variable it is not important how many children any individual has or does not have. It is the average number of children born to all women, divided by 1000. Dividing by 1000 gives us a ratio that enables us to compare fertility rates in all countries. Figure 14.1 illustrates that highly industrialized countries seem to have the lowest fertility rates and poorer nations, especially in Africa seem to have the highest fertility rates (Henslin, 2013, p. 425).
Mortality is a demographic variable that measures the “crude death rate, the annual number of deaths per 1,000 people” (Henslin, 2013, p. 425). This variable includes deaths for all reasons. It includes deaths from war, famine, disease, old age, or any other cause. They all count the same. For this reason one cannot just look at the mortality rate and determine the health of the population.
Migration is defined as “the difference between the number of immigrants (people moving into a country) and emigrants (people moving out of a country) per 1,000 people” (Henslin, 2013, p. 425). This includes legal and illegal immigration as those entering the country. Only those that leave the country on a permanent basis to be a citizen of another country is considered emigration. When you add all of the people who immigrate to a country and then subtract the number who emigrate, you then get the total or those who migrated to the country. This number may be positive or negative.
Fertility, mortality, and migration are broad indicators of weather a population is growing or declining in number. We assume that there are roughly equal distribution of men and women in a population. That...

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...crease in population. Both agree that it is too early to tell which one is correct in their projections.
We do need to be concerned about population growth because populations tend to increase most rapidly in high poverty areas. This creates a dichotomy between those that have and those who do not. This increases social insecurity and promotes those who profit from this unrest. We see this in the unrest in Israel and Gaza. Gaza is highly populated and the average income is about $2,000 annually. There is also an unemployment rate approaching 40 percent. Israel is not as highly populated and has an average income of almost 40,000. Beside the religious tension, this economic tension fuels much of the anger. Highly populated and poverty stricken regions of the world provide fertile grounds for the recruitment of individuals who feel that they are being treated unfairly.

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