Feminism : Politics Of Justice And Social Equality Essay

Feminism : Politics Of Justice And Social Equality Essay

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Feminism is a common topic in the media nowadays, especially because of how many breakthroughs women are making. In 2016, a woman is nominated for President of the United States by a major political party and many science fields are becoming dominated by women. But it appears that many people are not aware of what exactly feminism is. With such a powerful movement, it is no wonder that feminism includes controversies over the exact definition. According to Shaw and Lee, feminism includes two core principles: inclusive and affirming of women and femininity; and equality and justice (p. 13). By being inclusive and affirming, feminism celebrates the achievements of women and strives to continuously provide a positive stance towards women and feminine expressions (Shaw & Lee, p. 13). Considering feminism is the politics of justice and social equality, it also guarantees a future where human dignity and equality are achieved (Shaw & Lee, p. 13).
With this beautiful definition, it is difficult to imagine a world where a person opposes such a movement that strives for human dignity and val...

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