Post Feminism In Alice Walker's Color Purple

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Icons of Postfeminism in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple INTRODUCTION For centuries, women struggle to obtain equality with men. They are invisible and not given opportunities because of their gender. Feminism is the matter of consideration in social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. The feminist movement has been the key to give the rights to women who have been stricken of their equality and privileges that men had fail to give them. It is believed that women have every right to be equal with men and feminism is achieving this gradually. Feminism is favorable to the men, women, and their families because it gives an equal opportunity in life…show more content…
Postfeminism promises the liberation of individual women. It is a reaction against some discerned contradiction and lack of third wave feminism. This is also known as “fourth wave feminism” and it is a wide range of reacting to feminism. The term was used in Susan Bolotin’s article “Voice of the Post- Feminist Generation” in 1982 and was published in New York Times Magazine. In literature, it can be divided into three concept Firstly, post feminism is seen as a ‘political position’ that is exhibited to feminist facing challenges, or secondly, as a historical change within feminism or thirdly, as a reaction against feminism where a celebration of neoconservative, values is…show more content…
In 1982, Walker published her most controversial and famous book, ‘The Color Purple’. It is written in the form of epistolary (letter), the novel included vivid descriptions of rape, incest, bisexuality, lesbianism, and “black- on – black” violence and abuse. It recounted the tragic but ultimately triumphant life story of Celie, a young victimized black woman. A year later it appeared it got Pulitzer Prize in fiction and National Book Award, and in 1985 it was adapted as motion picture. Walker’s longtime best- seller transcended black and gender

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