Feminism Is Based On Culture And Personal Experiences

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Feminism can be defined in multiple ways from different perspectives. Feminism is based on culture and personal experiences. I have different experiences with feminism, and believe that feminism exists more in women than in men in today 's society. From a younga age, I would identify myself as a straight young boy raised in California, with an Indian culture. Throughout my life, I have seen the many differences between marriages, family and gender in America. In India, I have seen more gender stererotypes in women and how in schools, boys and girls socialize differently. I have seen throughout my social life and media, that there are sexist stereotypes between men and women which lead to domestic violence in women and assaults. It starts with men trying to accepted in a group of friends and falling into a certain stereotype. In a family, the female would play the caregiver and stay at home mom, while the man would play a strong man who works everyday for the sake of the family. Through music videos and movies, I have seen that sexist appeals start from magazines, advertisements and the film industry. Looking at women as objects and men as the ones who play the strong role is one way that I would see that people start their feminist thoughts from. Therefore, I will argue that feminism starts at a young age and is constructed through our social media use and friendships. In the topic of feminism, social media and television are technology advancements that people use nowadays to enhance their knowledge on this topic. In the music video, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, she advertises herself through her body and might lower self-confidence in young teenagers. In today 's leading world, there are feminist moments in popular culture as well... ... middle of paper ... ...e other gender. In conlusion, feminism is constructed through media and the socially accepted stereotypes that we find in society. Manhood comes from the knowledge that men try to impress their friends by talking to girls or being really good at a certain sport such as basketball or football. Gender stereotypes are constructed by our parents before we even go to school, in a way that we find our identity at preschool. Heteronormativity exists because of a lot of the existing laws, with gay marriage and many other intentions. Feminine qualities and these kind of sterotypes also come from personal experiences and culture, since we try to obey our religious aspects of gender and the stereotypes that fall along with it. Being straight can also come from religion, since same-sex marriage may not be allowed in certain cultures or families as well.
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