Compare And Contrast Marxism And Feminist Theories

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This essay will discuss several key concepts between two sociological theories by touching on why society is structured the way it is as well as comparing and contrasting both views. The two theories I am focusing on are based a Marxist perspective (conflict theory) which aims to create a more fair and equal society and a Feminist perspective which describes the oppression and inequality for women in society. I will attempt to suggest that while they are both very different, there are also some fundamental similarities between the two by way of arguing for the same core ideas, as well as both aiding in the analysis of social issues, and bringing about an ideal structural system of social interactions. Feminism is the result of the woman’s liberation movement, which began in the 18th century and gained momentum in the late 19th century after it was found that males were completely dominating every area of life. The word feminism at any point in time, has had many negative connotations to it as well as a good majority of the…show more content…
Where Marxists are focused on production and the wage gap, Feminists are focused on gender inequality. Marxists see society as operating solely to make a profit for the bourgeoisie, with the proletariat forced to conform to the needs of a ruling class who benefit the most from using a capitalist economic system. On the other hand feminists see society as operating to meet the needs and wishes of men. Patriarchal societies are created in order to meet the desires and needs of men through institutions like the family and the education system. On this basis feminists say women become second-class citizens. According to Gayle Rubin, “there is no theory which accounts for the oppression of women- in its endless variety and monotonous similarity, cross-culturally and throughout history- with anything like the explanatory power of the Marxists theory.”(Rubin

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