Differences Between Equal Rights And Feminism

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Feminism is, “the advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” It is not the belief or avocation that females should have more power or influence than men. Instead, feminists promote change and eliminating patriarchy from society, “accepting everyone as an individual human being, not categorizing them as male or female” (News, 2015). They advocate people be seen as individuals rather than associating someone and their abilities with a gender. The term “feminist” often has an extreme connotation placed behind it which causes people to hesitate when considering what they may consider themselves. According to a survey held by the Huffington Post, only 20% of the Americans considered themselves…show more content…
Feminism advocates for neither gender holding more power than the other; therefore, if one does not support or consider themselves feminists, they are a sexist; believing one gender is superior to the other. It may seem contradictory, two movements can be used interchangeably and can have differences with one another. However, when looking at specific detailed roots of both equal rights and feminism, there is a difference. The difference between equal right and feminism is that feminism is solely focused on empowering women and balancing the powers of both genders, that they do not acknowledge the struggles and imprisonment of gender roles males have and do face. The equal rights movement is meant to fix the imbalance of sexes, this is different from the feminist theory that aims to rid society of the patriarchal hierarchy creating an equal playing field for both genders (Good,…show more content…
Manners, like chivalrous acts, are intended to exhibit respect onto another person. The minor difference between manners and chivalry is the stemming of the two ideas. Manners are social demeanors reinforced in a number of ways that many believe both genders should perform. There isn’t a specific situation, setting or person who is more deserving of receiving polite manners; it is something one ideally, should constantly practice. The root of chivalry was for men specifically to to help aid and/or protect women. Although the acts of manners and chivalry can often times be indistinguishable, chivalrous acts are generally considered to be a more male oriented
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