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Throughout history, women have been looked down upon and seen as insubordinate and incapable. Women were never viewed as equal to men until about the 1950s. History will also tell us that men dominated the mathematical scene and have made the biggest contributions in that field, yet this does not seem to be the case. Women have had just as big an impact on math as men have, if not a bigger contribution.They still continue to rock the mathematical world today. Various women such as Hypatia from the ancient Greeks, Grace Chisholm Young from England at the turn of the century, to Mary Fairfax Somerville from the Imperialist English, and Maria Gaetana Agnesi from Modern Enlightenment in Italy have all contributed in major ways to the growth of mathematics. A mathematician is not defined by a persons gender, but what they have to offer the our world of discovery in the past, present and future.
Hypatia is known as one of the earliest mothers of mathematics. She lived from 370 to 415 B.C. in Alexandria, Greece. She focused greatly on astronomy throughout the course of her life but also greatly enjoyed mathematics. Hypatia was probably one of the most fortunate women of her time. She was educated by her father, Theon. He taught her in the areas of literature, philosophy, science, mathematics and the arts to make sure she stayed very well educated. He also forced her to stay extremely physically fit in order to attempt to make her the perfect human being. Along with being naturally smart, Hypatia had the opportunity to become something big. She published papers and made comments on other famous people of her time such as Diophantus (Perl 1998). This gave her a lot of credit and lead her to be a professor at the University of Alexand...

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... Publishing Company.
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