Reflective Research Paper

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Reflective Research Paper

I have connected the reflective research paper to objective # 1 because it made me examine my personal belief and attitude on gender equity issues. I did not realize that gender equity existed at the level that it does until researching the topic. Doing the research made me realize that the way we teach directly affects how children learn in every aspect.

Gender inequities in the fields of math and science are well researched and the results are shocking. Women compromise 45% of the work force, they hold jobs concentrated in clerical, service, and professional fields such as teaching and nursing, rather than in mathematics, science, or engineering (Levin & Matthews, 1997). Gender inequities start in school due to teacher interaction, language, role models, gender expectations, and the method in which the curriculum will be taught.

Learning about gender-equity issues simply by reading or hearing about them is not the same as seeing, thinking about, and reflecting on examples of them. In a 1997 article, Levin and Matthews explain that teachers and teacher educators need to be made aware of gender-equity issues in the classroom so they can encourage both boys and girls to take an interest in math, and science. Levin claims that teacher education programs have inadequately prepared teacher to address gender-equity issues. I think that it is easy to overlook the gender bias in your classroom. I think that self-assessment is necessary in determining treatment of all members of the classroom. Teachers should distinguish between strategies which favor or oppose certain groups, and should influence policy makers to provide equal opportunities for learning (Underhill, 1994).

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... the professional fields of science, and mathematics.

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