Female Athletes And Their Understanding Of The Sports World Essay

Female Athletes And Their Understanding Of The Sports World Essay

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We all remember watching the sandlot when we were young.In that movie the greatest insult in that movies was when Ham Porter another male baseball player he plays like a girl. Till to this day when guys are playing sports they are still telling other guys hit like a girl or kick like a girl. What is wrong player like a girl there are any great female athletes. The sports world is very male dominance place, If you are female in the sports world you are most likely a model handing the medal to the winners or just there for pretty face. That is slowly changing now, for example espn, fox sports , and many more sports channels are using female reporters, female athletes giving their point of view of that game. After reading these two articles of Felisa Rogers and Sara Martta I get two point of views of two different females and their understanding of the sports world.
While reading these two articles I read about how one females learn to love and be passionate of a sport while she is going through of her struggles being raised in a non sport loving family. In the other hand I read about a women who grow up in sport loving family and truly understand the sport and has many strongs points.
In my point of view some females should be viewed the same as males who are in the sports world when both parties are knowledgeable of what they are talking about. We can not just some people talking about subject that they do not know anything about. If they are just talking out of their elbow they should not be there. For example If espn is talking about world cup I would not mind if they had landon donovan and amy wambach, for the reason that they are both important people in soccer. Yet if espn had them talking about baseball that would be usele...

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... male acting like cave men days. I can see Rogers and Maratta having a long conversation and sharing their point of views of this topic. Rogers has an everyday wife struggles and Maratta has a feminist view. Maratta 's feminist view is very smart for the reason she never once talk down to a male but made them equal which made this article very well written. There are many extremist feminist that just make it look bad to be a proud feminist for the reason they hate men and just have a very bias look at things. It just take one person to ruined a whole group of people.
So maybe playing like girl is not wrong. I would not mine play soccer like Amy Wambach or throwing a ball like Mo’ne Davis. People should take a step and recognized females are more than capable to be apart of the sports world. There is many more example of female competing in a very male domancie area

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