Why Is Women Underrepresented In Sport Essay

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“Hey are you going to the party tonight?” you hear them ask you. As you agree you also wonder what will people’s first impression of you be when they see u walk in the door at that frat house party everyone seems to be going to. Women have gone into a state of mind that in order to fit in, they have to look and dress a certain way to impress in these college parties. But these never ending expectations held against women is not an issue that has recently developed throughout time as it dates back to civilization. For the most part, women are considered prominent over men which causes women to act in a certain behavior in which will function to get them to events such as frat parties. In today’s society, women are constructed to to act well…show more content…
According to the Women 's Sports Foundation, they claim that paying men more for the same sport gives women in the sport less incentive to push themselves and discourages future female participation in the sport. Which is true, why would women want to play the same sport as men and get paid less money. A good example where women get paid much less money for the same sport is a WNBA. Women’s Sports Foundation says that players from the WNBA in the 2015 season, the minimum salary was $38,913, the maximum salary was $109,500, and the team salary cap in 2012 was $878,000. For NBA players in the 2015-2016 season, the minimum salary is $525,093, the maximum salary is $16.407 million, and the team salary cap is an all-time high of $70 million. David Berri’s article on, “Basketball’s gender wage is even worse than you think,” he talks about that in 2013-14, the Phoenix Suns employed Dionte Christmas for 198 minutes. For those minutes–the only minutes Christmas has ever played in the National Basketball Association–he was paid the league minimum of $490,180. However, Diana Taurasi made the All-Women 's National Basketball Association First Team in 2014 and helped the Phoenix Mercury win the league 's championship. That season, she was paid the WNBA maximum salary of $107,500. This is huge difference between the two…show more content…
Ariel, a half stripped 15 year old young lady, becomes hopelessly enamored with a human and will surrender her distinction to be with him. Ariel forsakes her family and exchanges away her voice to pick up affection and regard from a man that sees only her excellence. Without acknowledging it, the fundamental message that is delineated in the motion picture is something that is not comprehended by young ladies which demonstrates how the media controls certain thoughts to society from such a youthful age. At the point when a lady is depicted in films, she is either pursuing adoration, sexualized or a delineated as a
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