Feelings of Grief and Sorrow Essay

Feelings of Grief and Sorrow Essay

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Chronic sorrow is recurrent intense feelings of grief experienced by parents or caregivers of children with chronic health conditions throughout their lives. This is a permanent state of being in contrast to stages of grief ending in acceptance and moving on with ones life. This report will examine what chronic sorrow consists of, give a brief history of its development and introduction to nursing, and relate the significance of this mid-range theory to modern nursing practice.
As has been previously stated chronic sorrow is recurring feelings of sadness in parents and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. The concept of chronic sorrow tends to focus on parents of mentally disabled children and amputees; however chronic sorrow can also be applied to individuals with children suffering from chronic diseases but no developmental issues (Lowes, L., Lyne, P., 2000). The feelings of grief generally revolve around the loss of or “death” of the imagined perfect, healthy child when the child was first diagnosed. It has been compared to the grief a parent of a deceased ...

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