Grief Case Study Essay

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In my case study, I will be talking about a personal experience with a family I know very well. I will not be using their actual names; I’ll be using these names instead: the daughter, Cheyenne, the father, Jim, and the mother Lucy. I had a close friendship with Cheyenne for several years, yet, I was not really brought into her life and introduced to her family until her grandmother was terminally ill. The grandmother (mother to the mother) was a popular figure in the community and was loved by most all. Cheyenne was especially close to her though so the situation was especially hard for her. When Cheyenne’s grandmother passed, she was under a great amount of grief. I consoled her through it, as did it seem like everyone else. She was the closest person in the world to Cheyenne, so the extreme grief seemed justified. Cheyenne would try her best to hide the grief from all but it would break through when she was with me or alone. She was trying to live with the grief instead of getting through it. Her parents Jim and Lucy never really seemed to address the issue with her. They were under grief themselves so it seemed somewhat natural to want' class='brand-secondary'>want to avoid talking about it. Yet even as they adapted and healed, they never seemed to counsel Cheyenne on the loss. They never took her grief into question besides that she…show more content…
The main source was from her mother, Lucy. She did not believe in therapists, psychologists and thought the concept was stupid. Cheyenne could have benefited from grief consoling, but that option was never available to her. In addition to that reason for not seeking professional help, Lucy was mindful of Cheyenne’s future career. Cheyenne wants to work in the criminal justice or national defense field where mental health is vital; Lucy didn’t want any treatment of Cheyenne’s mental health to be on her record for that reason. Lucy also did not want to dedicate the time nor money to the
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