Family Life From Childhood Through Marriage Essay

Family Life From Childhood Through Marriage Essay

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The German Family
The definition of a family is not a very stable definition, but how can it be after all of these years? Families today can have two moms, or one dad, or no children, or a group of friends you are close with. One of my biggest fears in life is that one day my family will be 10 cats. Either way, all of these examples are acceptable definitions of families because families are whoever you believe is your family (Miller September 2015). In this article, you will be given information about German family life from childhood through marriage. This information will then be compared to the United States, and it will be evident that family life is changing. It is changing quickly, drastically, and constantly.
A Summary of Findings
In German school system, the three main factors that influence what secondary school a student is placed into are: grades, income, and parent involvement (UK German Connection). The secondary school placement makes a huge impact on a student’s future occupation. After German students go through Grundschule (the United States’ equivalent to elementary school), there are three potential secondary schools they can be placed into. The first one, Haptschule, is where the student stays for 5 years and prepares for the workforce (UK German Connection). The second, Realschule, lasts for 6 years and allows the student to enter the workforce at a higher level than those in Haptschule. The last option is Gymnasium, which is 9 years long and allows the students to eventually study at a University (UK German Connection). That being said, the decision of secondary schools is completely reliant on the parents and the teacher (UK German Connection). The parents and teachers have a meeting where t...

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...rry (Miller October 2015). It is not all smiles and rainbows right after marriage though. The first two years of marriage is a lot of stress on both of the spouses, and this causes the mortality risk to triple (Brockmann and Klein 2004). This may be caused by the new changes such as having to move, spending less time with friends, or just the change of having to care and look after another person (Brockmann and Klein 2004). After those first two years, the mortality risk lessens by each year for both men and women. Divorce also impacts the mortality rate, by doubling the rate of death if it happens within the first two years of marriage(Brockmann and Klein 2004). Men suffer more from divorce than women because women tend to surround themselves socially after tragedies, which allows them to get more support from their peers and social groups (Brockman and Klein 2014).

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