The Importance Of Sex Education

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Sex Education According to Wikipedia sex education is instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, human sexual anatomy, sexual activity and sex reproduction. The definition of sex education brought back my memory to high school in a biology class. In that class, no one was comfortable because the class was mainly about human sexuality. Some student started making noise others try to make fun of the professor. The reason beyond all these behaviors is the way society talks about sex. Sex is always a taboo; parents never talk to their kids about sex. Teenagers mostly learn about sex either from their friends or the internet which can be very dangerous. should sex education be taught in High School? One of the reasons for sex education…show more content…
However, the reality proven by researches done by the government show just 10% of parents talk to their children about sex. 10% is a very small percentage, meaning 90% of our children are exposed to learn about sex from people that are unfit. The reasons parent does not talk to their kids about sex is based on how they were raised. Most of the families are conservative. They treat sex as a taboo, talking about sex in the family feel awkward and disrespectful for them. In their time learning about sex was not as dangerous at is nowadays. Now shows in television and internet shows sex in a way that will push all teenagers to try without knowledge of it dangerous or even a knowledge of how to protect themselves if they chose to have sex. Sex education should be taught by expert that can explain well to teenagers without feeling uncomfortable and also teach and show them how to protect themselves. Should sex education be taught in high schools? Based on research and some of the teenagers’ stories that were victims of their surrounding I believe that sex education should be taught in our high schools. By teaching sex education to teenagers we will lower the rate of pregnancy and STD’s. In addition, teenagers will be more aware of dangers of sex and they can choose between waiting until they find the right person to be a partner or have sex, but protect them self by using what they learned in the sex education

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