Family Diversity Across The Life Cycle Essay

Family Diversity Across The Life Cycle Essay

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Family Assessment
Family Diversity Across the Life Cycle
Melanie Freeland is a single mother that has full custody of her children, Tracy Freeland and Mason Freeland. The family comes from a lower socioeconomic status and only receives financial support from Ms. Freeland’s in-home cosmetology job. There is little emotional and financial support shown from the children’s biological father, Travis Freeland. Ms. Freeland is the main provider for the children with the roles of financial provider and guardian. Both children see Ms. Freeland as their only parental figure and spend little time with their father. The only current male role model in the children’s life is Ms. Freeland’s boyfriend, Brady. Brady, however, has not shown consistency in the Freeland family because of his recent charges for drug abuse. Roles of the children of the family are determined and enforced by Ms. Freeland; the children are able to openly communicate their opinions of the rules, but do not have the final say in changing the aspects of the household rules. Tracy and Mason’s main priorities are focusing on their current education in high school; they both currently do not support their family financially.
Another source of influence in the Freeland family is the mother’s peer group. Ms. Freeland has a broad sense of the meaning of family and supports her friends through their financial crises. The family has housed the mother’s clients, friends, and family members in their spare bedrooms and living room. Ms. Freeland views her family as those she cares about and has an open policy for others to call her place home. Tracy and Mason do not have a say in the who is allowed in the household.
Transitions and Development
Ms. Freeland and her children are curre...

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... the drug abuse that Tracy has been experiencing. Tracy has currently developed a drug abuse problem and have created reoccurring negative consequences for herself and the family. Tracy’s substance abuse has created concern for Ms. Freeland, Mason, and Brady due to the drug abuse history throughout the family.
The only known vertical stressor in the family is the recurring drug abuse that has happened throughout generations. Ms. Freeland and Tracy are the immediate members in the Freeland family that have shown persistent drug abuse. Mason currently uses marijuana, but does not display signs of substance abuse. This has affected the family by having Mr. Freeland leave Ms. Freeland due to substance abuse and the lack of family involvement Tracy has shown. The Freeland family has displayed great concern for the drug abuse pattern that has been happening in the family.

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