Family Of Origin Essay

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Family of Origin: The actual first stage of the family life cycle is the family of origin experiences. During this phase the main task are building of a solid foundation, and maintaining relationships with parents, siblings, and peers. The family of origin is basically the family you grew up in, which is the center of what shapes who we are. A healthy family of origin exhibits a strong foundation that will be the center piece of that family unit. If effective the family will have a strong sense of togetherness, communication, separateness, and connectedness. This all helps the family to establish healthy boundaries between parents and their children, as well as resolve conflicts in a healthier and productive way. It is stated that when parents exhibit emotions like warmth and caring connections, it tends to promote individuality and…show more content…
If the individual has endured a healthy family origin experience through the model their parents have instilled since the beginning, then the individual sense of trust, family values and beliefs will likely model that of their parents. Through this the individual will possess the ability to enter and adapt to a new family, which is referred to as interdependence and clearly defined as mutually reliant one another. When married the individual has made a conscious decision to form a new family system of their own with another person. The process begins with ultimately adapting to a new and shared lifestyle. This includes readjustments of your relationship with friends, parents, and siblings to include your spouse. If during the origin experience, the individual experienced during parental divorce experience stressors that cause negative interdependence than their ability to trust and rely on another is
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