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Discussion of family presence during invasive procedures has been ongoing for many years. Some healthcare organizations have instituted policies to allow family members to be present during invasive procedures, which they would previously forbid during these procedures. Attitudes of healthcare provider’s differ drastically. (MacLean et al., 2003) This paper will illustrate the important benefits of having a family member present during these procedures. Terms used in this search includes: Pro family at bedside, Importance of family at bedside invasive procedure, Family centered car in the operating room and position statement on Family presence. The following articles were deemed appropriate for this paper.

1. Baumhover N, Hughes L. Spirituality and support for family presence during invasive procedures and resuscitations in adults. American Journal of Critical Care July 2009; 18(4):357-367
Several health organizations have made recommendations and written guidelines to include family presence at the bedside during invasive procedures. A quantitative study was done of health care professionals exploring their thoughts and attitudes to family presence during invasive procedures. This article explores the importance of Spirituality and holistic care. The design for this study was exploratory, descriptive, and correlation. The setting was a 210-bed not-for-profit Christian-based hospital located in the Southwestern United States. Data was collected from the individuals in this study and analyzed. The study found that 58% of nurses Compared with 34% of physicians and physician assistants strongly agreed that family presence during invasive procedures is a patient’s right. This study ...

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...eterization, 84%; sedation and analgesia, 81%; bladder catheterization, 80%; sutures, 79%; lumbar puncture, 66%; and cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers, 44%. The families’ reasons for being present included calming the child, suffering less anxiety, and watching over the procedure. Eighty percent thought that the family’s presence could be beneficial.

10. American Heart Association. 2005 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. Circulation 2005; 112:Supp IV-1-IV-211.Retrieved December,7,2010.From:
The American Heart association support having family members present during invasive procedures. They have out clear and concise directions on establishing a family member presence at the bedside that any hospital can adapt.

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