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Culture, as define by Giddens, is a “pattern of shared attitudes, beliefs, self-definitions, norms, roles, and values that can occur among those who speak a particular language, or live in a defined geographical region.” (Giddens, 2013, p. 29) When constructing a nursing care plan it is important to understand the patients’ cultural background to fully understand how to care for them. Depending on what culture the individual identifies with, will direct the nurse to which nursing interventions need implemented in regards to certain aspects of care including health care practices and beliefs, how the patient views developmental and family roles, how communication occurs between patient and provider and possibly if that patient has any health…show more content…
Providing a space for and allowing multiple family members in the room will allow for the maintenance of family dynamics and comfort to the patient while in the hospital setting. Native American patients may request that the nurse consult with the family elders before proceeding with care. Educating the patient and family in a way that is understandable will play major part in the recovery phase. Native Americans tend to comprehend educational materials and approaches that are concrete or experiential rather than abstract and theoretical. (Field,…show more content…
If Native American offers their hand for a handshake, shake it gently. As a caregiver, do not initiate touching. At the time of admission ask the patient about traditions and listen to what is being said about traditions and needs. It is important to listen carefully and not interrupt when a member of the Native American culture is speaking because they do not speak just to be talking, there is a purpose behind the words. (Silvestri,
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