Essay on The Failures Of The Foster Care System

Essay on The Failures Of The Foster Care System

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The Failures of the Foster Care System
To many outsiders, the foster care system may appear to be a safe haven for those children that are abused or abandoned by their birth family. This is correct, but the system with which it is based, has many flaws. A background check is mandatory for all foster parents, but a test to see if a child 's temperament matches that caregiver 's parenting style, is not. Now, this is seen as a minor issue, but there is not enough evidence to support this. Plus, there are many other, much worse reasons, why the system is not perfect. Altogether, the foster care system and a multitude of its rules are flawed and may actually be negatively affecting foster children.
Research has been conducted to help back up the claim that the foster care system is defective. For example, writer Elizabeth W. Lindsey states, "one group of children appears to be more at risk for a poorer physical foster home environment: those in kinship care" (20). Typically, kinship care is a forgotten process in the foster care system. What kinship care is, is when a child of the state is placed into the home of an available family member (not either birth parent). Kinship care has many perks - a child is back with family, which is more comfortable. However, kinship care is not always the best course of action. It does not make sense to put a child from a broken home, back into another family members home, which could trigger emotional problems from the child. Seeing this family member day in and day out will not help the child grow past their emotional neglect. Also, with kinship care, there is more opportunity for inappropriate relations with the birth parents. By law, a birth parent may only be allowed to see the child once a wee...

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...ate of Caucasian children" (2). This proves that foster parents with no background in race relations, should take a class. This would overall help the quality of life of foster children who already feel ostracized because they are in foster care.
Foster care is a process that many wish they and their future children will never have to go through. The object of foster care is to provide a loving and protective home while the child 's birth parent 's heal and become the best parents they are capable of being. However, the foster care system is full of flaws, regardless of how loving the actual foster parents may be. There are plenty of ways to fix these flaws, mostly because they are easy fixes. One of the goals of foster care is to provide the child with a good life and fixing the flaws in the system will help this child reach that potential.

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