Factors That Affect The Mental Health Of A Child Or Young Person

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An array of factors can affect the mental health of a child or young person; these factors can be put into three categories. Variables affecting the mental health of children/ youths includes; an individual’s biology and personality, social environments and the individual’s family. When a child is undergoing negative experiences in either 3 of these variables, their mental health is at risk and can be damaged (Claveirole, 2010). For example, bullying, bereavement or sickness (known as precipitating factors) can intensify or lead to mental illness (Carr, 2006). Furthermore, studies conducted by Ford et al, (2004) found that having a physical disability or low IQ is correlated with an increased likelihood to develop mental health issues. In addition, their studies showed that if a parent were to have a mental disorder, the chance of the child having a mental disorder is increased. The socio-economic background (the familial background) of the child also has consequences regarding the mental health of a child. For instance, Green et al (2005) found that boys, from a low socio economic background are more likely to develop mental disorders. Furthermore, Ander et al (2003)found a correlation between young people who had experienced different forms of abuse with mental health problems. Upon examining these statements, it can be deduced that mental disorders are caused through the aforementioned factors and their discussed embodiments. As these points illustrate; a range of factors can cause mental health issues. Indeed, it has previously been demonstrated that an accumulation of factors increase the likelihood of mental health issues developing (Sameroff, 2006). Therefore, a comprehensive approach is required to tackle mental illnes... ... middle of paper ... ...o children and adolescents. Such a result could be achieved by decreasing the formal nature of a councillor to help them appear less intimidating. As with school councillors and CAHMS, social services can also be improved upon. In the Munro review of social services (2011) it was discussed that The Society of Editors was willing to developing a guidance system to help social workers in their work. It has also been noted that social services are biased towards protection and family support services have not achieved their goals (Aldgate, 2002). This means that more emphasis needs to be placed on family support services in regards to helping children in a mental health context, otherwise the system is currently detrimental to these children. These points illustrate that while there are flaws in the current system; they can be tackled and organisations can be improved.

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