Essay Factors Associated With Knowledge Of Diabetes

Essay Factors Associated With Knowledge Of Diabetes

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“Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood glucose in the context of insulin resistance. It is a complex disorder with multiple causes including rare and frequent genetic variants and is one of the biggest global health challenges of the 21st century. Given the availability of effective interventions for delaying or even preventing the onset of diabetes mellitus earlier identification of individuals is of great importance”.
Annotated Bibliography Fenwick EK, Xie J, Rees G, Finger RP, Lamoureux EL (2013) Factors Associated with Knowledge of Diabetes in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Using the Diabetes Knowledge Test Validated with Rasch Analysis. PLoS ONE 8(12): e80593. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0080593
“In the study, Factors Associated with Knowledge of Diabetes in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Using the Diabetes Knowledge Test Validated with Rasch Analysis Fenwick, Lamoureux, and Xie (2013) gave a cross sectional study to determine the sociodemographic, clinical, and resource related variables connected with diabetes information gotten from Rasch Analysis. Fenwick et al. clarified that the relationship between diabetes information and the risk factors recognized during unvariate analysis were analyzed using a multivariable liner regression model and results using raw and rasch-transformed measures were looked at”.
“The outcomes found that those with advanced education level who accessed an ophtalmogist would do well to diabetes learning than those with a lower education level. Fenwick et al. found that noticing a health message about diabetes and marital status were variables connected with diabetes learning using the raw howe...

... middle of paper ... diabetes or history of CVD or both conditions had an altogether higher total, cardiovascular and coronary mortality than ladies without diabetes nor CVD. Secondly, ladies with diabetes will probably have hypertension, a larger body mass index, and did less physical activity than those without diabetes or CVD. Nanchen et al. discussed some limitations of the study: Not able to use the complete follow up period, of the SOF cohort and underestimated the number of women with diabetes those with known CVD. There were some limitations: Not able to use the complete follow up period of the SOF cohort, and underestimated the number of women with diabetes and those with known CVD”.

“As a public health professional this information was useful because I can set up programs to help people make changes to their lifestyles by educating them on proper eating and exercise”.

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